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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you rebarrel Mauser model 91-96's?

Answer: No. because of the early Mauser's
lower strength and the high pressures
generated by today's powder and cartridges,
we do not rebarell these historic longarms.

2. Do you sell complete custom rifles?

Answer: At this time due to the compexity
of Federal law we do not sell completed
rifles. we do sell custom barreled actions
and AR-15 uppers and AR specialty parts.

3. Can I send my rifle to you dierctly?

Answer: Yes, you can ship your rifle to
us directly w/o dealer assistance and it
will be returned directly as well.

4. What is the turn around time on an
average rebarreling job?

Answer: This depends on many factors.
such as other work in shop and needed
componenets being in stock. work
can be turned in two weeks under ideal
conditions. Call or write for a more
precise estimate.

5. Do you rebarrel rifles with timed threads
such as the Springfield 1903's ?

Answer: Yes we can rebarrel Springfields and
other rifles with square cut,timed threads.

6. Do you collect sales tax?

Answer: We collect sales tax only on sales in Ohio.
All out of state sales are not taxable.

7. Do you do repairs on factory firearms?

Answer: In some cases, when time permits and
the firearm is a standard type with parts available,
we do repairs.
Please call,write or email for further details.

8. Do you do stock work.

Answer: No, at this time our work is on barreled actions only.

9. Do you rechamber barrels to other calibers?

Answer: Yes. Barrels can be rechambered
to another caliber if the bore diameter is
the same as the original caliber and the
conversion is safe.

10. How can I get a firm quote or ask a question
not covered here?

Answer: Write or call our office @ 1-330-868-6867
or try our