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22Cal. Case headspace gauge   Sort through
                        non-match 22LR ammo for a   combination that will shoot through your  $50.00Postpaid   gun with match accuracy  Muzzleloader
                        scope base(blue steel) for octagon barrels(requires drilling&tapping)(Weaver based)$24.00 PP                         Muzzle
                        Brakes  We strongly recommend muzzle brakes on Magnum calibers. They reduce felt recoil by up to 75%  Hole angled Chrome Moly
                        or Stainless, 3/4,7/8,&1" installed(min brake diameter:.650)   $115.00  If we install a muzzle brake on your new
                        barrel, the brake will be finished to match the barrel finish(blasted,blued, Parkerized)at no charge  When we install a muzzle
                        brake on your already  finished barreled action(factory or custom) we will reblue or Parkerize  (matching existing finishing)
                        the barrel  and bare action for 1/2 regular price.                            Barrel Fluting - available in Stainless &
                        Chrome Moly     Douglas Barrels purchased from I.T.&D.and installed by us (Price good only at time of instalation)-^ Flutes
                        Price: $80.00
Same as above, but with 8 flutes( 7, * and Bull Barrel only): $85.00     Contour            Calibers
                        Available  #2                  17cal to 6mm #3                  17Cal to 6.5mm #4                  17Cal to 7mm #5       
                        17Cal to .338 #5A                 17Cal to .375 #6                  17Cal to .416 #7                  17Cal to .458  Fluting
                        available on most factory and custom barrel instaliations.   Blued and stainless; Price: $150.00 and up  Price includes fluting,
                        rebluing of barrel or matte finish on stainless. Call for quote- we need to know muzzle diameter of your  barrel and caliber,
                        length and action type.   Redding Reloading Dies - over 250 calibers-  We can supply loading dies for your  wildcat or special
Series A               $56.00  
Series B               $72.60      
                        C               $92.00   
Series D               $102.00
      Custom 2Die set       $140.00w/taper expander
                        add$5       Custom 3Die set       $153.00 (st. wall cases)
All die sets add $9.00 shipping unless purchased with
                        barrel installation or barreled action. Call for pricing on special and competition die sets.