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The price of these chamber jobs are $60 or more over our normal prices,
                        call for quote.  In some cases you may be asked to supply  brass and dies to test fire. This is a partial list of rental reamers
                        - Call if caliber you  want is not listed.
20 Tactical          20 VAR TARG          222 MAG ACK  22 Rem Jet  30Herrett
                        22CheetahMkI         338Lapua        17HMR                243-300Savage        338-284          220WilsonArrow*      22CheetahMkII
                        8x57Akley 218Bee               22/250Imp*           348Win*         218MashBee           223WSSM              325WSM     
                        219Zipper            224Weatherby*        35/284           219ZipperImp*        6mmBR(tightneck)     35Brown&Whelen* 219DonaldsonWasp
                        6mmRen Intl.*        8mmRem UltraMag 22-6mmRem            6mmDon. Intl.*       35Remington     22NK                 6mmTCU
                        378Weatherby    22PPC Factory        25WSSM               38/55Win        44/40Win             25/20WCF             450Marlin
                        25/264Win            25/35Win             375-338         6.5-300WSM           6.5x54*              375Ultra 6.5x57Mauser*
                        6.5x55Ackley         45-90           6.5x257Roberts       6.5x257Ackley        458Lott         256Newton            260RemAckley
                                50-70Govt       6.5x280Ackley        270-284              6x300 WSM                6.8 REM SPC          7mm Intl.
                        Rimmed     243 Rockchucker                 7mm IHMSA            7/30 Waters          25-300WSM                 7mm-08Ack Imp
                               7mmRem Ultra         6.5X280 AI                 8X57 AI              30/284               270x57 Mauser           
                             9.3x64 Brenneke      30-40AI              7mm R.U.M.                 375-338 Win          303British           7mm Dakota
                                        405 Win              300H&H Ackley Imp    308 Palma                                      308x11/2    
                                338-300 WSM  

AR-15 Type barrels From Douglas XX Premium
                        Barrel Blanks  Finish turned and polished with barrel extension installed.  Chambered                                $287.00           Stainless Steel(add)                     $59.00            Air gauged(add)            
                                     $25.00 Fluting(add)                             $75.00  Calibers available:17 Rem,204 Ruger,223 Rem,222 Rem,
                        6x45, 6x47,6.5TCU      7mmTCU, 30-221Rem, 223 (short throat for 52-53 gr match bullets).