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Gunsmith Work

Chamber,headspace,crown and test fire on our Douglas XX barrel and customer's action. State contour and twist desired. (Action with Metric threads add $20 - S&W 1500,Colt,Golden Eagle,Mini-MarkX etc.  Price: $85

Deep chamber(or short chamber), thread and crown for your installation. You are responsible for headsapce. 98,FN,MarkX,and same thread(1.100X12TPI), Rem700,Win70,Ruber77,Small Ring 98(.980X12TPI) Wby.MarkV, 1903 & 03-A3 (short chamber only)

Octagon Barrel-Chamber,headspace,crown,and test fire on customer's action(Metric threads add$20)

Thread, chamber, headspace, crown & testfire customer's supplied new barrel on customer's action (Fluted barrel add $15.00) (Metric threads add $20.00)

Price: $90.00

Fit, headspace & test fire customer's threaded and chambered barrel to customer's action.(does not include extractor slots or line up of screw holes & flutes or change of caliber)
Rechamber customer's barreled action to a different cartridge-must be same bore diameter.
Price:$100.00 and up

Bend & polish bolt handle $45.00
Cut & weld new bolt handle (Brownell's Mod 70type)$70.00
Cut & Weld on customer's supplied bolt handle $70.00+up
Open Rails for Mag calibers $25.00+up (time required)

Open magazine&bottom of action for Mag calibers $70+up
Open bolt face for Mag calibers $30+up (time req'd)

Sako extractor installed in Rem bolt $125.00
Lap bolt lugs $25.00
Square action face(standard actions) $20.00
Extractor work and fitting(state action type&cal) $25.00+up

Drill&Tap per hole. Top mount scope bases&sights
1st hole-$15, each additional hole $5
Drill and Tap side mounts,receiver sights,& others requiring mill setup. (single shots and Lever)
$20.00 min first hole,$7.50 each additional hole

Dove tail Cuts $30.00
Bolt Jeweling $45.00

Shop Rate per hour for all work not priced  $40.00

We do not rebarrel pre98 Mausers, Carcano or Arisaka actions. We stamp the caliber on the bottom left side of the barrel just in front of the action. If you desire the caliber stamped on the bottom of the barrel, please request this with your order.

Any action with the barrel cut to less than 16" will be charged a $10 removal fee. The sawing off of rifle barrels to less then 16" is against Federal law.

Because of the various treatments available for barrels(some of which change the machinability of barrels) and variations in size and Rockwell hardness of economy barrels, repair of any damage done to chamber reamers or other tooling by barrels supplied by customers for fitting or rechambering will be charged to the customer.