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Douglas Barrel Blanks & Contouring
                        (State caliber and twist desired)
 			Blank	             Fwt           #1             #2and#3              #4thru#7
				              	   $172.00	            $214.00
                             $197.00       $184.00                 $191.00
                            	.17 Cal Barrels (add to above prices)       $15.00 				Stainless Steel( add to above prices)       $54.00 
                        Gauged (add to above prices)            $25.00 
Long Blank(29-1/2' to finish at 28")    
							Bench rest blank (31-1/2 to finish at 30")  $247.00
                        Custom Trace from customers bbl add to above $45.00+blank  (add $10 per step)       

Rem 700 Custom Trace BDL Std, (22"&24")Mag,
                        Varmint,&  Sendaro (22,24,26")                             $202.00 
                        style blanks(34"finished) 32,38,40,45 & 50 caliber                        $262.00 
                        Extended contour(i.e.,26" #3 trace  longer than customers barrel or 26"       add   $20.00
                        of customer barrel                   $35.00up 
 M1 Garand 30-06/308 1-10 for Gov't issue only   $284.00 

Bluing and Parkerizing*
                        Barreled Actions after installing new barrel:
                        Hot salt blue with polish finish                 $120.00
                        Hot salt blue with bead blast finish             $95.00
                        Hot salt blue with sand blast finish             $95.00
                        Parkerized finish                                $110.00
Sandblast finish stainless barrel                $45.00
                        Beadblast finish stainless barrel(+$20 for flute)$45.00
                        Sandblast barrel and action(+$4 for bolt)        $52.00
                        Teflon Coating (O.D.Green or Black)              $175.00
                        All other rifles,shotguns,and handguns
                        Hot salt blue with polished finish               $140.00
                        (add $30 pump or auto shotgun or rifle)
                        Hot salt blue with sandblast or or beadblast     $95.00
                        Teflon Coating (O.D. Green or Black)             $175.00
                        (add $30 for pump or semiauto weapon
All other rifles Hot Salt blue w/polish finish   $140.00
                        All other shotguns Hot Salt blue w/polish finish $160.00
All other rifles and shotguns Hot Salt blue w/   $110.00
sandblast finish, Parkerize, Beadblast finish
* NOTE: On bluing,Parkerizing Teflon we will finish bases,
 rings or other hardware,(buttplates, etc.) at additional cost. Please ask!