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Barreled Actions Using Douglas Premium barrels

Customer gets the choice of calibers listed on page 5 and the contour listed on page 4. Calibers listed on page 6 add $60.00. Calibers not listed on page 5 or 6 are POR. Add $54 for stainless Bbls. add $25 for air gauged barrel. Add $15 for 17 cal. All barreled actions are furnished in the white.

Military 1898's Barreled with Douglas Premium Barrel
( Good grade Vz24 or GEW98's)(Standard Caliber (fwt add $24)   Currently out of stock
Turkish 98 actions with Douglas XX barrel, action          $385.00
face squared (fwt add $24.00) std calibers                   

Charles Daly Barreled Actions with Douglas Premium Barrels
(Same as Interarms Mark X)

Mini Mausers(222,223,22-250) not currently available

Stainless barrel add $54, .17 cal add $15 and featherweight barrel contour add $24.00


Montana Rifle Co. 1999 Actions

Barreled with Douglas XX barrels in standard or Mag calibers - Call for quote.Stainless bbl add $54. Stainless action add $50. Lefthand N/C. Long Mag action - Lg Weatherby,338 Lapua, 416 Rigby, etc,  add $350

50% deposit required on all barreled actions.                                                           

Mauser "1938's" 98 Actions with new Remington Barrels subject to take off barrels in stock.

Barrels installed and headspaced, bolt bent and rough shaped. action squared. (30-06 and similar will accept o.a.l. 3.300)(subject to takeoff barrels in stock)
Standard Calibers $275.00

50% deposit required on all barreled actions.